We have a large range of your favourite British products at the best prices around.
We also have some special offers which we believe are unbeatable in this area - some of our prices are even cheaper than you can buy the same products for in the UK!!
We have a selection of Robinson's, and Jucee squashes, plus a large selection of canned and bottled drinks including Soda and Tonic water, Ginger Ale, Bitter Lemon and Low Calorie Tonic. We also have Ginger Beer, R Whites Lemonade, Ribena, Lucozade and lots of other top brand name drinks.
Currently we have in stock a large range of Household & Beauty items. We have bleach, floor cleaner,window cleaner,Cif, disinfectant, paper towels, dish cloths, polishing cloths,toothpaste,Steradent, shower gel,hand and body lotion to name but a few. Come and see us and have a good look for yourself. You´re always welcome at The Corner Shop. We now stock OVEN PRIDE the oven cleaner in a bag.
We have a home baking section with a wide range of products including Flour, cake mixes, dried fruit etc
There is also a selection of pie fillings and puddings
We stock a large range of sweets and chocolates - come and see all your favourites and try some of our great-value bumper bags
We have an Asian food corner with  Patak's sauces, Naan Breads etc. We also stock a selection of Chinese sauces.
Of course we also have all your usual favourite products from the UK.
Typhoo Tea bags, McVitie's Biscuits, Colmans condiments, HP sauce, Batchelor's soups, Heinz Beans to name but a few.
Why don't you come and have a look at what we have to offer and see how good our prices are too!!
The next time you are in Albox come and visit us, we are only 2 minutes from Mercadona and have a large car park alongside so there's no problem with parking either.
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We have a wide range of Dog food including, Butchers,Bonio, Bakers meaty meals,Pedigree & Cesar.
For cats,Felix, Whiskas,Gourmet.
Also in stock for Dog & Cat worming tablets, tick & flea treatments.
and just for your wild life we have wild Bird fat balls.
From our Chiller

•  Cream´s
• Varoius Cheese
•  Butter
• Lard
• Fresh Milk
• Goose Fat
• Black Pudding

We now have Fresh Bakery Products in store
Choose from :-

There's more on the way. Pop in and pick them up or let us take your order now.
We also have a varied selection of: